How logistics service providers can stand out in a tender

What sets you apart from your competitors? It’s a simple question that logistics service providers are usually urged to answer during a tender process. They cannot fall back on the standard “our reliability of service coupled with a personal touch…” response – everyone says that. So, how best to answer a question that is not as simple as it seems?

I am reminded of a recent amusing tender response from a medium-sized global logistics company which lavished its opening executive summary with such claims as having a “flat management structure”; with “owner directors committed to their customers” and who are “at their disposal on a 24/7 basis”. A few pages in, the response to a question in the Invitation to Tender on operating hours was merely “09.00 hrs – 17.30 hrs Monday to Friday.”

There was no mention of any out-of-hours or on-call numbers, or indeed any reference to those committed directors who offer themselves to customers on a 24/7 basis. The very first opportunity to demonstrate what their executive summary laid claim to was lost – as was the chance, perhaps, to start distinguishing their service proposition from the competition.

One way to set yourself apart from your competitors would be to practise what you preach. To discover the 4 critical points Danny describers, please use the link to access the original content, how logistics service providers can stand out in a tender



Danny Clayton, founder of Droptop Supply Chain Solutions and former joint group MD of Allport Cargo Service Executive. This blog was first published on



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